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Will paper receipts become a thing of the past?

27 October 2016


Tesco is trialling a system where an e-receipt is sent to the customer instead of a paper print out. Is this the beginning of the end for paper receipts?




Intouch HALO e-Receipting service

The Intouch HALO value added service closes the loop between retailer and consumer.


The Intouch Customer Invoicing solution provides the retailer with the option to instantly email invoices to the customer at the point of purchase. This gives the consumer peace of mind that their proof of purchase has safely been sent to them for ease of reference if needed.

In addition, Intouch Retail provides an online customer and retailer portal. Customers can logon and view all their purchases per merchant, and reprint them if needed. Retailers can report on all customer purchases as well as view stats on gift cards through their portal


To find out more information on the Intouch Halo VAS please click here or contact us at +27 (0) 11 431 0192.